Hygiene concept

We are pleased to welcome you as our guest! Rest assured that we do everything we can to protect both your health and the one of our employees. At the same time, we would like to make your stay with us a pleasant one!

Our employees are continuously trained and all obligatory and recommended measures by DeHoGa are observed. Please note that we always reserve the right to adjust the measures according to the current requirements. We will evaluate the situation daily and make decisions if necessary. Prudent, consistent and for the protection of all.

In our public rooms takes place a 100% exchange of air. The extracted and used air is completely replaced by fresh one. With maximum air exchange, every cubic meter of air is changed 5 times per hour. 

Please wear a mouth-nose cover in public areas (except at the table in the restaurant and in the fireplace lounge) and use our disinfection dispensers in the house. 

We take care of you - you can count on us!