An impressive history...

Salt and brine, saltern- and bathing history are inseparably connected with Bad Rappenau. The town owes its development to its first honorary citizen - saltern inspector Rosentritt, who executed the first successful brine drilling in the grand duchy Baden in 1822. At the “Bohrloch 1” he happened upon the “white gold” and thereby laid the foundations for the spa businesses. Only 12 years later, in 1834, the “Sophienbad” opened its doors, the first brine bathhouse in the grand duchy Baden. The saltern and spa business have been shaping the economic and social life in Bad Rappenau for over 150 years, and made sure that an inconspicuous farming village with then just 592 inhabitants would grow to become a modern spa- and bathing town.

Castle park

Historical moated castle

The moated castle, framed by beautiful water and park facilities, has become the cultural center of Bad Rappenau. Top-class exhibitions - works by Marc Chagall or Günter Grass - and a varied program of events have made the idyllic castle famous far beyond the spa town.


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Museum tour

Forum frankish court

During this entertaining tour, the salt works director Rosentritt tells about his life's work. First of all, the path leads to his grave of honor in the municipal cemetery. The tour continues from there to the small but informative museum in the Fränconian court, where visitors can learn about his successful story. The tour lasts approximately two hours.

What you won't find anywhere else

Graduation house provides for good air

The graduation house in the Salinenpark is a special feature: it is the only open-air inhalatorium in the city. Small but nice, though the effect is the same. Visitors breathe in healthy salty air and benefit from the healing effect on the respiratory system. The brine trickles over about 5500 tufts of sloe brushwood, enriching the nearby air with salt.

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Paradise for young researchers

A unique world of knowledge and experience opens up over an area of around 25,000 square meters, with around 275 interactive stations, four creative studios and nine laboratories, as well as an observatory and an extraordinary Science Dome with spectacular science shows. An experience for old and young people. 


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What you can´t find anywhere else


The BikiniARTmuseum, the world's first central location where all historical and contemporary knowledge about swimwear and swimwear culture around the globe is collected and presented to the public, opened on July 5, 2020. The collections and art objects are enmeshed in visionary design and accompanied by electrifying stagings. Here, strong emotions and the most beautiful memories are awakened.

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Technology museum Sinsheim

Time travel through the history of technology

Discover hundreds of classic cars, powerful motorcycles, racy sports cars, colorful dragsters, agricultural machines, Formula 1 legends, nostalgic racing bikes and enormous steam locomotives. The absolute highlight of the aircraft collection of the Technik Museum Sinsheim is without doubt the original Concorde F-BVFB of Air France. The supersonic jet is completely accessible to museum visitors.

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A pleasant way to explore Heilbronn is to take the Citytour convertible bus. On the red line (Vineyard Route) you experience 50 highlights in 100 minutes, no other city tour offers this.


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