An impressive history ...

Salt and brine, saltern- and bathing history are inseparably connected with Bad Rappenau. The town owes its development to its first honorary citizen - saltern inspector Rosentritt, who executed the first successful brine drilling in the grand duchy Baden in 1822. At the “Bohrloch 1” he happened upon the “white gold” and thereby laid the foundations for the spa businesses. Only 12 years later, in 1834, the “Sophienbad” opened its doors, the first brine bathhouse in the grand duchy Baden. The saltern and spa business have been shaping the economic and social life in Bad Rappenau for over 150 years, and made sure that an inconspicuous farming village with then just 592 inhabitants would grow to become a modern spa- and bathing town.

The Hotel Saline 1822

Keeping Memories alive
And integrating them
Into Today

Inspired by the history of Bad Rappenau, shaped by salt and saltern, our architect enveloped our building in a curtain of salt crystals, thus defining our image on the outside. 1822, the year in which Mister Rosentritt discovered the salt deposits, was immortalised in the name of our hotel. Thereby, we want to forge a bridge between the past and present.

Our "Ingredients":

An inviting architecture, a modern, comfortable interior, good food, and employees with a passion for individual service.

The Head of the House

Michael Cieslewicz

Michael Ciesléwicz will do everything to ensure his guests are as happy as can be. With his wealth of experience and passion for hospitality, he will certainly succeed in this endeavor with you, as well.

The Creative Head of the Kitchen

Daniel Arganaraz

Our executive chef, Daniel Argañaraz, and his team will meet all of your culinary needs. His passion for fresh and regional products, as well as his clear, aromatic sense for flavours are reflected in his cuisine. Indulge in a culinary treat.

The Soul of the House

Elizabeth Feuerherm

Elizabeth Feuerherm, our housekeeper, arranges for comfort and coziness with her team. In coordination with our front desk, she ensures that everything in the house goes smoothly, and upholds cleanliness in all areas.

Our Sales Genius

Ina Schlothauer

Ina Schlothauer creates the best offers and packages for you, and skillfully arranges them in the correct sales channels. She’s always looking for new ideas and partners for innovative marketing strategies.