The white gold

Salt and brine, saltworks and spa history are inseparably connected with the development of Bad Rappenau from an imperial knight's village to a spa and health resort and finally to a large district town.



In the beautiful Kraichgau

In the well-known spa and health resort town of Bad Rappenau you will feel the liveliness and atmosphere of a large district town with over 20,000 inhabitants. At the same time, generous and beautiful spa and green spaces characterize the cityscape. 

Here at the brine spa Bad Rappenau you will find a breath of fresh air, a lot of peace and pure nature. Situated between Heilbronn and Heidelberg, Rhein-Neckar and Hohenloher Land, Odenwald and Black Forest you will find vacations for body and soul.


Bad Rappenau

In the town of
gardens and parks

In the three individually designed parks (Kurpark, Schlosspark and Salinenpark) you can enjoy colorful flora, active courses and numerous events. Worth seeing is the historic moated castle from the early 17th century in the castle park.


Relax at the Kurparksee in the Kurpark or breathe healty air at the graduation house in the Salinenpark.

What you'll find nowhere else

Graduation house provides
for good air

The graduation house in the Salinenpark is a special feature: it is the only open-air inhalatorium in the city. Small but nice, the effect is the same. Visitors breathe in healthy salty air and benefit from the healing effect on the respiratory tract (oder SYSTEM). The brine trickles over about 5500 tufts of sloe brushwood, enriching the nearby air with salt.


>> Graduation house

Museum tour

Frankish Court

During this entertaining tour, saltworks director Rosentritt talks about his life's work. First of first, the path leads to his grave of honor in the municipal cemetery. The tour continus form there to the small but informative museum in the Fränkischer court, where visitors can learn about his success story. The tour is approximately two hours.

What there is nowhere else


The BikiniARTmuseum, the world's first central location where all historical and contemporary knowledge about swimwear and swimwear culture around the globe is collected and presented to the public, opened on July 5, 2020. The collections and art objects are enmeshed in visionary design and accompanied by electrifying stagings. Here, strong emotions and the most beautiful memories are awakened.


>> BikiniARTmuseum 


Brine and heat
for your well-being

You can reach the brine and sauna paradise very easily via our bathrobe corridor.  


A total of six different saunas, two steam baths and four differently designed indoor and outdoor pools on two floors with healthy brine water and a first-class steam bath invite you to relax. Experience moments of well-being for body, mind and soul.  

>> RappSoDie

Pony school Funny-Kids

Learning with horses

Your child wants to ride on vacation? Then the pony school Funny-Kids is the right address for you.

The educational children's riding school for children from 2 years introduces the little ones to the horse in a playful way. With a lot of fun the handling of big animals is taught and the self-confidence of the children is strengthened. The offer is very diverse, from pony riding and wokshops to riding therapy and learning, dyslexia and dyscalculia training.

Pre-registration required: 

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