A city with a broad spectrum

"Everything, which is overlooked, is fertile". This is how Goethe once described it, when he looked down on Heilbronn from the Wartberg. This is true today more than ever. The oldest wine city in Württemberg is on the move. The most modern educational facilities are being built here. And the landscape that made Goethe so enthusiastic back then on Heilbronn´s local mountain is enjoyed by the people here every day. In the vineyards or along the Neckar river in the middle of the city center.


Paradise for
young researchers

A unique world of knowledge and experience opens up over an area of around 25,000 square meters, with around 275 interactive stations, four creative studios and nine laboratories, as well as an observatory and an extraordinary Science Dome with spectacular science shows. An experience for old and young people. 

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A pleasant way to explore Heilbronn is to take the Citytour convertible bus. On the red line (Vineyard Route) you experience 50 highlights in 100 minutes, no other city tour offers this. 

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Neckar Mile

City on
The river

The fascinating atmosphere of the Heilbronn Neckar and information about the city can be experienced on a very special kind of tour: "City on the River" shows Heilbronn from a boat. The canal port with its lock, the salt port and the east port have an exciting history. In addition, you have a perfect view of the former Federal Garden Show grounds from the old Neckar river. 

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