Brine and heat
for your well-being

You can reach the brine and sauna paradise very easily via our bathrobe path (for a fee).  


A total of six different saunas, two steam baths and two indoor pools across two floors with healthy brine water and a first-class steam bath invite you to relax. Experience moments of well-being for body, mind and soul.  

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Sauna and steam bath

Relax in the sauna landscape

Escape from everyday life into the stylish atmosphere with a total of six different saunas, two steam baths, relaxation and meditation rooms, adventure showers, the sauna garden with Africa and fireplace lounge, natural bathing pond and hot bubble pool.

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With Jordanian sea salt

Dead Sea-
salt cave

For centuries the healing effects of natural salt have been known. Throughout the history of mankind salt has been used as a remedy for almost all diseases. This has not changed until today. With gentle light and sound effects, the visit leads to a noticeable deep relaxation after only a short time. On relaxation loungers with soft music and pleasant lighting you will relax for 45 minutes in the salt cave.


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